Old Age Home

The Ashram

Over time, the activities of the NGO grew, and today, the M.N.S. Old Age Home is housed in a multistory building called Ashram. This growth was brought about by the selfless work of many individuals, organizations, and donors.

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Provides shelter

The architecture of the Ashram building is designed to suit the needs of senior citizens. The Ashram provides a safe and secure shelter for senior citizens and also takes care of their boarding by providing them with wholesome food. A lift is provided for the use of the residents, some of whom have difficulty climbing stairs. The premises also include a lawn service where the residents can take their morning walks or do exercises.

Voluntary donations

The only source of income for the M.N.S. Old Age Home is through voluntary donations. M.N.S. provides secure shelter and boarding for the lower and upper middle-class sectors of society. There are many other facilities for the poorer sections of society as well.

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